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    Mobile App UX Trends

    Within mobile applications, user experience (UX) plays a crucial role. Apps need to function quickly, be intuitive, and have an appealing visual appearance. There are various trends that help meet these requirements. In this article, we will discuss some of these trends and explore the considerations that come into play, as well as how these trends contribute to the overall user experience (UX) of an app.

    Design System

    First and foremost, we are witnessing an increasing number of apps adopting a design system. A design system comprises a standardized set of reusable components and patterns that ensure consistent design implementation throughout an app. Using a design system clarifies how a component should be utilized for both the design and development teams. This enables designers to focus on more complex challenges.

    Applying a consistent design makes the app enjoyable and familiar for the user. This achievement doesn’t solely result from the consistent design, but also from integrating UX best practices directly into the design system, which then permeate all screens where components are used.

    Example from one of our clients Coolbue, Coolblue Blueprint (Coolblue Blueprint User Interface) is utilized for projects. Blueprint creates a recognizable and uniform user experience for both front office and back office applications.

    Usability Testing

    In the development and continuous improvement of an app, the user is at the center. All designs must contribute to an app that is easy for the user to use and achieves its main objectives. For new projects and major changes in app design, a clickable prototype is developed. This prototype includes the most important screens, followed by tests conducted with a group of end users. These users are given tasks to perform with the prototype, providing the opportunity to observe where users encounter challenges and what works well.


    Mobile apps offer various ways for users to initiate actions. Users can perform gestures (such as swiping) or press a button, for example. The appropriate trigger for an action varies depending on the application and action. It is important to consider the target audience. Generally, a gesture is chosen as a trigger for advanced users, but there is always an alternative in the form of a clear and recognizable button.

    Extensive illustrations

    In recent years, we have seen illustrations increasingly replacing icons, and these illustrations are becoming more detailed. These illustrations enable apps to engage in storytelling and enhance the visual experience for users. Illustrations also provide the perfect opportunity to convey the company’s feelings and values.


    At Blue Code Garden, we initiate a UX process for every project to achieve the best possible user experience for the app’s target audience. Want to learn more? Don’t hesitate to get in touch!


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