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    The 6 Advantages of Scrum

    Scrum is perhaps the most well-known Agile framework nowadays. It’s so popular that it has even become a verb: “to Scrum.” Scrum is a framework that enables you to achieve complex tasks in a flexible and creative manner. At Blue Code Garden, we work with multidisciplinary teams that deliver working products in short sprints. But what makes working with Scrum so beneficial, both for us and for our clients? We’ve outlined six advantages of Scrum.

    What is Scrum?

    Scrum is one of the frameworks within the Agile mindset. Agile and Scrum are not the same, but they are closely intertwined. Scrum is a specific way of working in which teams work step by step on tangible intermediate products within defined (short) time frames. These time frames are called sprints. A sprint lasts about 1 to 4 weeks, and at the end of it, the team delivers working products to the customer. The customer provides feedback, which is then taken into account for the next sprint. This way, the customer can see the project’s progress, and the likelihood of alignment between the customer and the Scrum team remains high.

    The advantages of scrum

    Efficient Working with Scrum

    Scrum offers optimal ROI. The team works in sprints, achieving a sub-goal at the end of each sprint. This results in faster progress. Moreover, there is better insight into the project’s progress. Clear communication about deliverables keeps stakeholders satisfied.

    Project Control

    The daily Scrum, also known as the daily standup or stand-up meeting, is a short meeting of the Scrum team lasting a maximum of 15 minutes. During a Daily Scrum, the team looks back on the previous day and aligns tasks for the next 24 hours. This creates transparency, maintaining project control and enabling quick adjustments when necessary.

    Fixed Budget and Time

    Setting the budget and time beforehand prevents surprises later on. The scope (which functionalities will be developed) remains flexible. As the product owner, you are responsible for determining priorities—which functionalities truly contribute to the end product? This way, you develop only what’s truly necessary.

    Quick Delivery of a Working Product

    The result of a sprint is a working product that’s ready for use. The software functions and has been tested, making it immediately usable. There’s no need to wait for a new version or release; the customer gains access to the software quickly.

    Team Spirit

    Scrum benefits not only the customer but also employees; it’s a pleasant way of working. You experience an optimal sense of teamwork because you collaborate on a daily basis. At Blue Code Garden, we know from experience that this leads to the finest products.

    Transparency About Challenges

    At the end of each sprint, a sprint review takes place. Team members share the progress made, and stakeholders can provide feedback. Transparency ensures that risks can be addressed early, and openness about challenges increases trust among all involved parties. There’s nothing hidden or swept under the rug.


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